The combination of me turning blue and all the seizures really fucked my comprehension a lot of other stuff. My memory and me just plain on staring seems like it’s slowly progressing. Certain stuff used to be easy but now it’s just plain hard to figure out.

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While working at your temporary assignment, you may have time to chat. If you’re somebody like me and have many years of experience working in offices, you may want to regale your coworkers with your trials and tribulations in this particular field. This is all right, just make sure you don’t make specific references to real people and places.

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fjallraven kanken You know of what I said at the Great Council. I want to apologize. That was uncalled for. My family from England, and I was hoping that once I got my degree I be able to escape the US, move to the UK and eventually find a job in my field somewhere in the EU. Brexit fucked that plan up, and while Canada is an option I not entirely 100% on it yet. Even so, at least it seems like you guys know you fucked up. fjallraven kanken

But let get cozy on the hardwoods and area rug. So after some rug burn and awkward moaning I suggest we move to the bed. This is where a little turns Into a lot. Lord Of The Rings Hobbit SetsThe biggest new release in 2012 was without a doubt the LOTR Lego sets. Fans of Tolkien have been waiting for these sets for over ten years so when they finally arrived people were over the moon. The initial wave gave us seven new sets to enjoy but there is more to follow.

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