texas tech cancels classes for national title game

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cheap Canada Goose I like giving people rewards for their efforts, but dislike those rewards being forever unobtainable for players who jump into the game too late, especially something like a card style that matches the rest of the styles in the game that you can purchase, HOWEVER i believe i be more okay with them being unobtainable afterwards IF the rewarded card style was something completely different visually from the ones you buy, like a card style with a golden border, or something fancy like that.at least then people who want a card style for those cards later could still get the regular card style like all other cards, while the people who did get the seasonal rewards could have something exclusive to feel good about. It not the perfect solution, but i like it more than making the ONLY availible card style for a card become unavailible.it be a compromise, but i curious as to how you feel about that. I still feel bad if i joined late, but at least there would still be some version of card style availible for all the cards i guess, which does mean you can still bling your cards out.wow long post, sorry bout that, just connected with your comment and that all came pouring out cheap Canada Goose.